3 Septic Tank Inspection Tips When Buying a Home

There’s a lot to consider when buying a home, including the condition of the plumbing system. If the house you’re interested in has a septic tank, you should absolutely conduct a septic tank inspection before signing a purchase agreement. Taking the time to do this now could prevent headaches later on. After all, if a problem is discovered after you buy the house, it becomes your responsibility to pay for the repairs.

Speak with the Seller

Ask the home seller everything about their septic tank. First, find out how old the system is by asking to see the county septic permit dating back to when the septic tank was installed. This permit should indicate the installation year and how long the septic tank is expected to last, usually between 25 and 30 years.

Next, ask the seller about the septic tank’s maintenance history. Have they kept up with routine septic tank pumping? Ask to see paperwork as proof of this.

Look for Signs of Septic Trouble

Even if you’re not experienced with septic tanks, it should be easy to tell if the system has been maintained or neglected over the years simply by looking around. First, test the plumbing appliances in the house. Run faucets and listen for gurgling, bubbling, or popping sounds. Turn on the shower and see how quickly the water drains. Flush the toilet to see if the flush cycle is normal.

Then, take a closer look at the drain field, the area of grass above where the septic tank is buried. See if you detect any sewage odors and check for patches of extra-green grass or soggy spots. If you notice any signs of septic issues inside or outside the house, have a professional look into them more closely before moving forward with the home purchase.

Schedule Septic Tank Services

It’s wise to get a septic tank service company involved in the home buying process, whether you uncover anything in your visual inspection or not. After all, a problem could be a few weeks or months away from developing, which is impossible to detect without a professional inspection.

This service involves checking all the crucial parts of the septic system, including the tank interior, distribution pipes, and drain field. The inspection results reveal whether a septic tank repair, or perhaps a complete replacement, is recommended in the near future. Then, you can negotiate with the seller, who may be willing to pay for any necessary repairs or lower their asking price accordingly.

With these septic tank inspection tips, you’ll feel more confident that your new home’s septic system is in excellent condition. Be sure to keep up with routine septic tank pumping and maintenance from here on out, so your system stays in good working order for many more years.

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