Grease Tank & Trap Pumping in San Francisco, CA

We offer comprehensive grease tank and trap pumping service and maintenance to businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Serving Businesses of All Types with Pumping & Maintenance

Trinity Liquid Waste has been a reliable plumbing source for commercial customers for 25 years. Our decades of plumbing and septic expertise encompass a wide array of services applying to various industries, including grease trap pumping. Many types of businesses employ grease tanks and grease traps to run their daily operations, such as restaurants and hotels. Taking care of your commercial kitchen’s vital components includes regular pumping and maintenance to ensure they stay in top condition and keep your establishment clean and healthy for staff and customers. Whether you need daily pumping due to high volumes of grease, or you only need to empty your tank periodically, our team of technicians is ready to help you. We arrive on time for scheduled grease trap and tank maintenance and pumping and work quickly and efficiently to minimize any disruption to your business.

Trinity Liquid Waste’s Grease Trap & Tank Services

Grease Tank & Trap Pumping in San Francisco, CA

Regularly pumping and cleaning your grease traps is essential to keeping your kitchen equipment in top working condition and preventing problems like dishwasher and prep sink backups. Your floor drain can also clog when the tank walls, baffles, and inlet and outlet lines get dirty. Trinity Liquid Waste provides you with a disposal manifest to certify we performed your job correctly and disposed of the grease at an approved facility. Our technicians stay on top of the latest training and equipment to ensure you receive the best possible services, such as the following:

  • Grease Tank & Trap Cleaning – Keep your lines, tank, and baffles working at their best by regularly cleaning your grease tank or trap. Dirty components can lead to backups and standing water, creating a health hazard and expensive repair bills. Our team thoroughly removes the built-up gunk and leaves your tank and trap ready to catch grease before it enters your waterlines and clogs your drains.
  • Grease Tank & Trap Pumping – The grease your tank and trap hold after removing it from your wastewater builds up over time. Our team pumps out all the grease and properly disposes of it to ensure your system always has room to continue storing waste. The pumping frequency you need depends on your grease trap and tank’s capabilities and how much grease your business produces.
  • Grease Tank Maintenance – Regular maintenance for your grease tank keeps all the components in good shape and prevents issues like over-worn or dysfunctional parts. Stay on top of maintaining your tank so that your staff and customers don’t have to deal with foul odors or standing water in your kitchen.

 Highlights of Grease Trap Maintenance & Pumping

If your business has a commercial kitchen, you most likely must deal with periodic grease trap maintenance and pumping. Besides protecting your property investment and keeping your workday running at full capacity, there are many other benefits of staying on top of pumping and maintaining your grease traps. Some of the most notable highlights include the following:

  • If regulatory authorities identify your business as the source of a grease spill, you may face significant fines. Grease trap pumping reduces your liability by preventing this hazardous scenario from happening.
  • Your grease trap may contain rotten materials that emit awful odors. These odors can fill your establishment and make it an unpleasant environment for staff and customers. Rotting materials are also a health hazard, so pumping your grease trap removes the smell and the risk.
  • Grease traps that get too full can catch fire, and poorly maintained traps endanger your indoor air quality. Avoid these issues by regularly pumping your grease trap for a safer work environment.
  • A dirty grease trap can affect your entire plumbing system, leading to clogs and waste materials flowing back through your drains. You can prevent system malfunctions with regular maintenance and pumping.

Proudly Serving Businesses in the San Francisco Area

The Bay Area is a bustling center of residential life with a diverse population of people. Trinity Liquid Waste is proud of our service to the communities, and we appreciate each area’s individual qualities and needs. Alameda is one of the areas we serve, with such attractions as the USS Hornet Museum, Pacific Pinball Museum, Spirits Alley, and a thriving restaurant scene. The city takes topics like racial equity and water quality seriously with progressive actions like the community-led policing review. With the abundance of restaurants and other businesses with commercial kitchens, there is a continuous need for dependable grease trap pumping and maintenance. Our professional technicians provide top-shelf service whenever one of these businesses contacts us.

Contact Us to Schedule Service for Your Grease Trap or Tank

Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, bar, or any other business type with a commercial kitchen, regular grease trap, and tank maintenance and pumping are essential services your system depends on. Trinity Liquid Waste is ready to help you protect your entire plumbing system with these crucial services. Contact us today to schedule grease trap or tank pumping, cleaning, or maintenance.