Plumber repairing the faucet of a sink.

Many people prioritize water conservation, especially in drought-stricken California. If your home has a septic wastewater disposal system, reducing your daily water use is even more important. Tweak your routine with these five water conservation tips, and you’ll noticeably extend the life of your septic tank.

Take Shorter Showers

You may feel rejuvenated after a long, hot shower, but this habit doesn’t do your septic system any favors. Limit your water consumption and fill the tank more slowly by keeping your showers to 10 minutes or less.

Install Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Get the most out of every drop with low-flow fixtures designed to conserve water. If you find the EPA WaterSense label, you’ll know you’re buying the most water-efficient products available. Here are the flow rates to look for:

  • Kitchen faucets:2 gallons per minute (gpm) or less
  • Bathroom faucets:5 gpm or less
  • Showerheads:0 gpm or less
  • Toilets:28 gallons per flush (gpf) or less

Use Your Dishwasher & Washing Machine Wisely

Always run your dishwasher and washing machine with water conservation in mind. This means only running full loads or adjusting the water settings for partial loads.

You’ll also want to do away with “laundry day” if you have a septic tank. Instead, spread out batches throughout the week to give solids and grease particles time to separate and settle. This also helps the drain field keep up with the volume of wastewater flowing into the tank.

High-efficiency dishwashers and washing machines are worthwhile investments as well—not only because they use less electricity, but because they conserve water with every load. Look for a dishwasher that consumes 3.5 gallons per cycle or less and a front-load washing machine that uses the least amount of water possible per batch.

Check for Dripping Faucets & Leaky Toilets

The slowly dripping bathroom faucet or “phantom flushing” toilet may not seem like a big deal, but these leaks add up. To avoid adding hundreds of gallons of extra water to your septic tank every month, repair plumbing leaks as quickly as possible.

Reduce Outdoor Water Usage

The water you use outside doesn’t flow into the septic tank, but it’s still important not to over-saturate the drain field so the system works properly. Here are some ideas to reduce outdoor water consumption:

  • Use native plants that require less water.
  • Don’t water your lawn on rainy days.
  • Sweep your driveway and sidewalk instead of hosing them down.

Everyone can help conserve water by following these tips, whether the plumbing is attached to the municipal sewer system or a septic tank. For more help prolonging the life of your septic system, reach out to Trinity Liquid Waste. We provide a range of services in Pleasanton, CA, including septic pumping, septic inspections, and septic repairs. We draw on 25 years of experience, so you can trust our team to perform a job well done. Contact us at 510-874-6489 to schedule the septic system service you need.