What to Expect from Professional Water Jetting Services?

If the pipes at your business are blocked or draining slowly, someone has probably recommended you get a high-pressure water jetting service, also known as hydro jetting services. If you’ve never had this service done, here’s what to expect.   

Hydro jetting serviceWhat is Hydro Jetting? 

There are many ways to service a slow draining pipe. A chemical solvent such as Drano or Liquid Plumr can be used, but the chemicals can damage your pipes or the environment. An electric plumber’s snake (also known as an auger) can be used, but it can get stuck in the pipe, or lead to injury when it recoils.  

The water jetting process involves a high-pressure hose with special nozzles. Like the snake, it gets inserted into the pipe to break up the clog, but it’s less likely to cause damage or get stuck. If one hose attachment doesn’t clear the clog, there are a number of other kinds that may be used. Typically, they spray a high-pressure beam of water straight ahead, with additional streams that spray in all directions. It’s even strong enough to pulverize small roots, and blast them out of the pipe as well. It can break up and remove old grease that has congealed, along with hair and other debris. 

Another advantage of hydro jetting over plumbing snakes is that the high-pressure water shooting in all directions is more likely to expel soft obstructions instead of merely breaking them up. This gets rid of odor-causing materials. And it doesn’t pose the health or ecological risks that chemical cleaners do. One minor drawback of hydro jetting is that it can’t be used where there’s a flooding risk, such as a basement or crawlspace. 

As Part of Maintenance Routine 

Hydro jetting isn’t only used for blockages. They can also be used to keep your pipes clear of debris. This keeps your plumbing working efficiently and means that major plumbing work will be less necessary in the future. If your plumbing involves a lot of grease, hair, dirt or other troublesome materials, you might want to have your pipes hydro jetted every year or so. 

Don’t let a slow or stopped drain affect your staff’s or customers’ ability to work and use the bathroom or kitchen. Trinity Liquid Waste has your clogged pipes covered with quick and affordable water jetting throughout the Bay Area. We provide 24/7, same-day service to ensure we clear your pipes as soon as possible. You can always count on us to respond quickly and determine the best service for your drains’ or septic system’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about hydro-jetting for your drains or schedule service at your location. 

We also offer septic pumping and septic inspections to residential and commercial customers in the Pleasanton, CA, area. Drawing on over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills needed to keep your septic system in good shape. Contact us at 510-874-6489 to schedule services with us today. 


Why You Need Regular Grease Trap Cleaning?

If you’ve worked in restaurants for a while, you know why it’s essential to keep grease traps clean. But for many people, this is a new subject. Here are a few reasons why grease trap cleaning services are so important. 

Regular Grease Trap cleaning

Safety First 

Grease traps that get too full endanger your indoor air quality. They’re also much more likely to catch fire compared to well-maintained traps. You can avoid these risks by having your grease trap regularly cleaned, for a safer work environment. 

Unpleasant Odors 

Many grease traps contain rotten materials that emit nasty odors. These smells can fill your establishment and make it an unpleasant environment for customers and workers. These rotting substances also pose health hazards, so cleaning your grease trap removes both the odors and the health risks. 

Utility Issues 

A clogged grease trap is not only smelly and dangerous. It creates functionality problems for your business. Drains need to work properly. Clogs cause waste materials to flow back up from your drains. Regular trap cleaning prevents this. Another thing to remember is that traps packed with grease are harder to clean. Well-maintained traps are much easier to clean, meaning the job will take less time.  

Legal Risks 

There are laws and regulations pertaining to grease spills. If your business is determined to be the cause of a grease spill, you can face legal consequences.  

Financial Costs 

Not only can you be fined for a grease violation, but your business can be shut down and your reputation can be harmed. This can cost you a lot of business. Another financial risk comes from repairs that may be needed if your grease traps and drains are damaged from lack of maintenance. When rotting food is left in a trap, it can create sulfuric acid, which can damage the walls of the trap. This can cause some components to fail and need to be replaced.  

Trinity Liquid Waste has been a reliable plumbing source for commercial customers for 25 years. Our decades of plumbing and septic expertise encompass a wide array of services applying to various industries, including grease trap pumping. Whether you need daily pumping due to high volumes of grease, or you only need to empty your tank periodically, our team of technicians is ready to help you. We arrive on time for scheduled grease trap and tank maintenance and pumping and work quickly and efficiently to minimize any disruption to your business. We also offer septic pumping and septic inspections to residential and commercial customers in the Pleasanton, CA, area. Drawing on over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills needed to keep your septic system in good shape. Contact us at 510-874-6489 to schedule services with us today. 

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