Sump pumps are vital for keeping your home safe and dry in rainy weather. While these devices are typically hardy and dependable, they experience problems occasionally. Here are some common sump pump problems and easy troubleshooting tips. 

Common sump pump problems

The Sump Pump Won’t Turn On 

If the water is rising in the sump pit, but the pump won’t turn on, make sure it’s plugged in. Then, check the circuit breaker box, resetting any tripped breakers you find. If the pump still won’t turn on, the switch may be stuck, requiring you to call a professional to fix it. This is why regularly testing your sump pump is so important, so you have time to schedule a repair before the next storm hits. 

The Sump Pump Runs Continuously 

If your sump pump won’t turn off, the float could be positioned incorrectly. This component turns the pump on and off as the water level rises and falls. If the float is positioned too high, the pump may continue running when the sump pit is dry. This can cause unnecessary wear and tear and cause the motor to burn out prematurely. Check and adjust the float’s position if necessary. If that doesn’t work, call a professional to check for a stuck switch, which may be causing the pump to run continuously. 

The Sump Pump Makes Strange Noises 

This could be due to a damaged impeller, loose bearing, or clogged pump. Turn off and unplug the sump pump before checking for debris in the impeller or housing. If the impeller is damaged or the bearing is loose, call a professional to replace it. 

The Sump Pump Vibrates Excessively 

Excessive vibration is a sign that the pump is not installed correctly. Make sure the pump is sitting level in the pit and not touching the walls. If poor installation isn’t to blame, the issue may be with the impeller or bearings. In this case, call a professional to diagnose and fix the problem. 

The Sump Pump Won’t Pump Water 

A clogged or frozen discharge pipe could prevent the sump pump from working even though the motor is running. Check the pipe for debris or ice buildup and clear anything you find. If the pipe is clear, but the pump still isn’t pumping, the impeller or motor could have a problem. You’ll need a professional to diagnose and fix these underlying issues. 

The Sump Pump Short Cycles 

Short cycling is when the sump pump turns on and off too frequently. A faulty float switch or undersized pump could be to blame. Check the float switch position and adjust it if necessary. If that doesn’t work, you may need to upgrade to a larger pump. 

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