Do you have a septic tank on your residential or commercial property? Septic systems are designed to hold and treat wastewater from your plumbing system, so it’s essential to maintain them properly. One of the most important things you can do to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your septic tank is to have it pumped regularly. Here are six reasons why regular septic tank maintenance is so important. 

Septic Tank PumpingSave Money 

Septic tank pumping costs a few hundred dollars every three to five years, a bargain compared to the thousands of dollars it can cost to repair or replace a malfunctioning septic system. Regularly pumping your tank also helps you avoid repair costs associated with plumbing backups. 

Protect Your Property Value 

A poorly functioning septic system is a red flag for potential buyers and can decrease the overall value of your property. You might even face costly legal liabilities if your poorly maintained septic system becomes unusable. On the other hand, having your tank pumped regularly ensures you avoid any potential problems that could negatively impact your property and its value. 

Prevent Groundwater Contamination 

When a septic tank becomes too full, it can cause wastewater to overflow and clog the drain field, preventing proper filtration. This can lead to groundwater contamination, a serious hazard that could threaten your family and neighbors’ health. Improper sewage treatment spreads disease, from eye and ear infections to gastrointestinal illnesses to hepatitis. Regular septic tank pumping removes this threat by ensuring the tank never becomes too full. 

Protect the Environment 

Septic tank cleaning also protects the environment by preventing pollution of nearby waterways. When a septic tank overflows, untreated wastewater doesn’t stay contained in the drain field. Instead, it seeps into local rivers, lakes, and streams, causing harm to aquatic life and contaminating drinking water sources for people in the area. Regular septic pumping can prevent this by keeping the system functioning smoothly and properly treating all wastewater. 

Avoid Drain Backups 

Backed-up drains and slow toilets are common in poorly maintained septic systems. These plumbing problems are major inconveniences and may lead to costly repairs. Keep your drains flowing smoothly with regularly scheduled septic tank pumping. 

Prevent Foul Plumbing Odors 

A full septic tank produces toxic sulfuric odors, causing a rotten egg smell to emit from your drains. If the stench intensifies when you step outside and approach the septic tank, you can assume raw sewage has escaped. Prevent these scenarios by keeping up with septic tank pumping every few years. 

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