Signs of Septic Drainage Problems

Proper drainage is essential for a safe, functional septic system. Failure to fix drainage problems could lead to more serious damage, potential health hazards, and higher repair bills later on. Watch for these eight signs of septic drainage problems that require immediate attention.

  1. Septic system backup: If your septic tank is full or not draining properly, sewage has nowhere to go but back up the drain. At first, you might notice that your sinks and showers drain more slowly or that your toilet flushes sluggishly. If you don’t act, your slow drains could turn into a more dire septic system backup, which is when sewage flows up from your drains. This is the most noticeable and alarming sign of septic drainage problems.
  2. Gurgling sounds: Even if your drains seem to flow just fine, listen for gurgling sounds when using your plumbing fixtures and appliances. These noises could point to a developing clog or internal septic system issue that you shouldn’t ignore.
  3. Sewage smells in your house: You might dismiss the gurgling sounds, but if foul odors are wafting up from your drains, this is a sure sign that sewage has worked its way up your drain line.
  4. Standing water in the drainfield: An oversaturated drainfield prevents pretreated wastewater from filtering through the soil properly. As a result, you may end up with standing wastewater in your yard. If it hasn’t rained in a while, the puddle should raise immediate suspicions.
  5. Unpleasant odors outside: If you’re not sure whether the standing water in the drainfield contains sewage, walk up to it and take a whiff. You should be able to tell by the smell whether the puddle is clean rainwater or wastewater from your septic tank.
  6. Patches of extra-green grass: There’s a reason people put fertilizer and manure in their gardens—the added nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium help plants grow. Human waste also contains these nutrients, so poor drainage could result in bright green, fast-growing grass. This side effect may seem like a benefit, but sewage on your property is a health hazard, so don’t ignore the problem.
  7. Algae blooms in nearby bodies of water: If you live by a lake or pond, watch out for unusual algae growth. Wastewater leaking from your drainfield into this body of water could be the source of the bloom.
  8. Contaminated well water: If you have a septic system, chances are you also have a well. You probably test your potable water regularly for safety, so watch out for abnormally high levels of coliform bacteria and nitrates that could signal contamination from nearby wastewater.

Many septic drainage problems can be resolved by cleaning your septic tank. Whether you need septic pumping, septic repair, or septic replacement, turn to Trinity Liquid Waste. We have over 25 years of experience offering residential and commercial septic and drainage services, so you can trust us for a job well done. Contact us at 510-874-6489 today to schedule septic services in Pleasanton, CA.