Are Bath Bombs Septic-Safe?

Bath bomb.

Bath bombs have become a popular part of many people’s self-care routines. Read more

How Water Softeners Affect Septic Systems

Water purification system with control valve for installation in houses or cottages.

If you have hard water, you may be interested in installing a water softener. After all, “soft” water tastes better, cleans better, and helps your plumbing appliances last longer. Read more

Why Home Sellers Should Get a Septic Inspection

Grease trap in Water Treatment System from Household HazardousAre you moving soon? Your septic system must be in good working order before you can sell your house.Read more

5 Reasons Septic Systems Fail

Repair sewer well at home on the back yard.

Homes and businesses that aren’t connected to the municipal sewer system often have a septic tank on the property. Read more

Should You Call a Plumber or a Septic Service?

Should You Call a Plumber or a Septic Service

Slow shower drains, clogged toilets, and backed-up sinks are certainly reasons to complain.Read more

6 Surprising Things About Your Septic System

6 Surprising Things About Your Septic System

You may not enjoy dwelling on the septic tank buried in your yard, but the more you understand about it, the easier it is to maintain. Read more

How to Detect a Septic Drain Line Clog

How to Detect a Septic Drain Line Clog

Septic systems can clog in multiple ways. For instance, the drain lines connecting your house to the tank can become blocked, or the pipe leading from the tank to the drain field can develop an obstruction.Read more

Why Toilet Paper Matters to Your Septic Tank

Why Toilet Paper Matters to Your Septic Tank

Most families swear by a particular toilet paper brand. Thick, plush tissue might feel good on your behind, but your septic tank may beg to differ. Unlike municipal wastewater systems, septic tanks and older pipes can’t handle every type of toilet paper. Follow this guide to help you shop for the right products and avoid septic backups. Read more

How Laundry Detergent Impacts Your Septic Tank

A women doing laundry

How do you select your laundry detergent? If you’re like most people, you buy the one with the most refreshing scent, preferably if it’s on sale. However, if you have a septic tank, you must also make your selection based on what’s best for your plumbing. Read more

Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Sewage Pump

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You rely on your sewage system every day to remove wastewater from your home or business. Read more