When Should I Get My Septic Tank Pumped in San Francisco, CA

Reliable Septic Pumping by Trinity Liquid Waste

For over 25 years, home and business owners throughout San Francisco, CA have trusted Trinity Liquid Waste for all of their residential and commercial septic pumping needs. As a family-owned business, we don’t just work in your community; we’re a part of it. That’s why we’re happy to offer our customers affordable and reliable septic pumping services. We’ve made it convenient and safe for the customer to get an accurate and fair estimate through video calls. Our licensed technicians will talk with you about the issues you’re experiencing and make the proper recommendation to solve the problem. We even offer 24/7 same-day service for your emergency needs. The next time you need to have your septic tank pumped, contact Trinity Liquid Waste.

What Is A Septic System?

Many residents and business owners in the Bay area have a septic system for their home or business’s wastewater. When you use your washing machine, take a shower, or flush the toilet, the water, and all the waste exits your home or business through your main drainage pipe into your septic system. The system itself is usually a large concrete tank buried somewhere on the property. All the solid waste settles at the bottom of the tank, and grease and oil rise to the top to create a scum layer. The wastewater then exits the system into a drainage field. Modern septic systems have been around for decades.

What Is Septic System Pumping?

Septic system pumping is the process in which the sludge layer and the scum layer are removed from your septic tank. This allows for additional waste from your home to enter the system. The removed septage is typically delivered to a water treatment facility to be processed. Many municipalities require that homeowners use a licensed septic pumping company to remove the waste.

Why Do I Need to Get My Septic Tank Pumped?

Getting your septic system pumped is a vital part of maintaining your home. However, it can be easily overlooked if you’re not aware of some of the warning signs of a failed system. When a septic system begins to fill up beyond capacity, the sludge and scum can clog the pipes designed to release the wastewater. This can create a wide range of issues for your home and property. The best way to prevent more costly problems is to schedule routine septic pumping for your system.

Signs that Your Septic System Needs to Be Pumped

Many homeowners in the area have septic systems over a decade old, so they must have their systems pumped routinely. However, when your system is beginning to fail, some telltale signs will alert you when it’s time to get your system pumped. It’s crucial that if you notice any of these issues, you contact a septic system pumping company immediately for pumping, or you may cause permanent and costly damage to your system. Common signs that your system is overdue for service:

  • Lush Lawn
  • Sewerage Backup
  • Pooling Water
  • Bad Odors

How Often Should I Get My Septic Tank Pump?

For an average family getting, we recommend getting your septic system pumped every three to five years to maintain your system’s health. Even if you’re using water-efficient appliances and minimizing your wastewater use, your septic tank will still fill up quickly. Most of the wastewater exits through drain field pipes, and what is left is the solid waste and scum. The most important factors when determining a schedule for your septic system to be pumped include:

  • Household Size
  • Total Wastewater Generated
  • The Volume of Solids In Wastewater
  • Septic Tank Size

Why Should I Choose Trinity Liquid Waste For Septic Pumping?

Trinity Liquid Waste has been providing reliable septic system pumping for over 25 years. Our licensed team has the right experience and equipment for the job. As a locally-owned business, we put our reputation on the line to provide home and business owners in the Bay area with the best septic pumping services. Contact our team today to schedule your quote.